Perfect Place for Me


Here I am.  I’ve been living on campus for almost 2 weeks, and I have just survived my first week of classes.  Now, there’s nothing special about that.  Countless students entered their first semester of college about this time.  Yet, there is something exciting about my experience, even if it isn’t “unique.”

First, I am 14 hours from home.  I’m essentially “on my own.”  I’m “all grown up.”  Without the help of my RA, roommates, friendly upperclassmen, and the professors, I’d be “completely lost.”  And that on a campus that is super-small.

Second, my class is the largest incoming class to come to this college.  And there’s only about 100 of us!  This young college is growing.  Someday, I will look back and tell my kids, “I was a part of that school when there were only 2 buildings and 5 dorms.”  Honestly, this is an experiment in college, in education, in raising up men and women who are “for Christ and for liberty.”  And I love it!

Third, unlike most college freshmen, my first week of classes included an earthquake and a hurricane.  The earthquake was an AWESOME display of God’s power over the Earth.  Sitting in my seat before class, I found that the building began rolling.  It was honestly a lot of fun.  But I can only say that because no one was hurt on campus, and there was no damage (that I heard of) on campus.  As for the hurricane, it was mostly just some rain mixed with wind, but it was still an adventure!  People back home were obviously concerned, but we college kids rode out the storm just fine. =)

Fourth, EVERYONE here is like me!  Honestly, it’s kinda scary!  At the same time, it is so great to be among people my age who understand where I’m coming from.  They get my brand of nerdiness and dorkiness.  It’s great!  We get into hour-long discussions about things that normal college students probably wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.  It’s amazing!

Fifth (and somewhat a sub-point of 4), the community here is ridiculously, crazily awesome!  You can’t walk very far without running into someone who is saying hello.  The soccer games are times for bonding, not just watching a game (though the games are cool to watch!).  Meals become great times to relax and discuss the best way to deal with illegal immigration or which of Shakespeare’s plays is the most interesting.  Classes spur discussions about more serious things, such as the unintended consequences of the European discovery, exploration, and colonization of the Americas.  However, one of my favorite parts of college is chapel.  Whether that is the entire community or one of two small group settings, chapel reminds me that these men and women are my brothers and sisters.  They are people whom I can love and by whom I can be loved.  These are the men and women who live in my house, in my neighborhood.  They are people who deserve respect and trust.  They aren’t just the kid down the block.  No!  These are my brothers and sisters, adopted by the King of kings.  One of my other favorite parts of college life is my brother wing.  See, there’s a wing of guys in another dorm that has been matched up with the wing of girls I live with.  Throughout the year, we’ll do things as a group.  They came to our lounge the other night and watched a movie with us.  And it was great to get to know them and to spend time just laughing together.

I don’t know if this is exciting to you, but everything about school is AMAZING!  God is good and alive and moving and beautiful here.  (Not that He isn’t everywhere, but there is something special about the work our Lord is doing on this campus and in my life!)  So, regardless of what you think about my first week on campus, realize that it is only GOOD because God has made it so.  Dios te bendiga.


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  1. Thanks! I will do my best to keep writing! The goal is for me to post every Sunday! And the natural disasters have been quite interesting! Love you!

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