Stars and the Infinitude of God


Go out and look at the stars sometime.  And by sometime, I mean, if it’s dark outside right now, GO NOW! If you can see even just a few stars, it’ll be worth it.  Promise.  Now, think about the beauty of the stars.  They stretch on forever and ever, seemingly without end.  The space around them seems infinite. It’s absolutely beautiful and mind-boggling.

What’s turned me into such a star-gazer?  The other night I went for a walk with a friend.  We were walking around campus, discussing our Theology assignment for the next day–trying to fit the infinitude of God into our finite, almost childish, words.  We had just reached Lake Bob when it hit us: the stars were so beautiful! That might seem a little silly to those of you who have been blessed with clear skies undiluted by city lights, but where I’m from, there are far too many lights to see the stars properly.  Now, there were lights nearby, so the view wasn’t “perfect,” but at the same time it was.  We ran into the grass to get out of the light and nearer to the stars.  Little did we know the maintenance guys had mowed the grass earlier that day.  Running barefoot across the grass to go star-gazing sounded like a great idea–until we quickly realized that grass clippings mixed with dew tend to cling to feet.  =P Oh well.  We decided it didn’t matter and proceeded to stand in the cold air with grass between our toes, staring at the stars, for a good 10 minutes.  Then we separated and went to our dorm rooms to work.  Or that was the plan.  When I got back to my room, I stared at my feet for several minutes.  I brushed the grass clippings off my feet and threw them away, but still I stared at my feet.  They were cold from the wet grass and cool air that night, and still I stared at my feet.  I think my roommates were starting to get concerned, but still I stared at my feet.  Now–just so you know–I’m not a foot-worshiper.  =P I am a Christ-follower.  But I could not get over the fact that the same God Who created the brilliant, beautiful stars above me would create the grass that had stuck on my feet earlier and breathe His image into me.

Go back outside.  Stare at the stars for longer now, not just a quick glance.  Go gaze into the seemingly limitless darkness of space and marvel at the million tiny lights.  Now, instead of stopping at that, turn to worship.  Consider how wonderful and infinite space is, and WORSHIP the wonderful and infinite God Who created all the stars and knows all their names. Worship the amazing and beautiful Creator Who hung planets in space and stars in the universe.  Worship the Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty Who formed your eyes to see His creation, your feet to carry you into the dark field for star-gazing, and your breath to gasp at the wonderful beauty all around you.  And as you walk back home, grass brushing your feet and dew tickling your toes, remember that the God Who creates also sustains.  And even more than that, the same infinite God saves.  He is more than infinite in time and space.  He is infinite in love, mercy, justice, and grace.  Everything that is true about Him has no limit.  Giggle in delight at the cold air that causes you to shiver late at night, smile at the dark blanket with little holes in it, and PRAISE the One Who made it all and Who holds it all together–the Almighty and Infinite God.


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