Baseball. The all-American game. The game that means the World to St. Louisans–the World Series that is! Which is why, while sitting in a coffee shop, hours from home at college, I’m frantically monitoring the score of Game 6, moaning and cheering alternatively, arms flying out in frustration and excitement (almost hitting my friend in the face at times). What is this obsession? A good one–that’s what! Ok… maybe not entirely, but I’m rather happy with the results of this obsession at the moment. =)

See, here I am, far from home and wishing I had a solid group of guys to connect with. Now, don’t get me wrong: I have been totally blessed by the group of girls I live with and spend time with daily! But there’s something special about being able to spend time with a bunch of guys, never worrying about an awkward moment. How was I going to find that here? Answer: baseball!

As the World Series began, campus became rather polarized. Rangers fans opposed to Cardinals fans. All in good fun of course! Now, most girls that I hang out with are pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. “Oh, you’re a Cardinals fan… that’s baseball, right?” Those words make any good St. Louisan cringe and melt into a tiny puddle. I was quickly becoming a permanent puddle, so something had to be done quickly. That’s when I saw it: the student body president was a Rangers fan. This meant war! =) Then it occurred to me: there’s someone else on campus from St. Louis. Surely this guy’s a Cardinals fan… if his parents raised him right! At that moment, I had an ally and an enemy. Things were looking up.

Then another guy complimented me on my Cards shirt. And yet another expressed his love for the Cardinals.  3 allies, 1 enemy. Very good.  Very, very good!

Until I walked into class one day, proudly proclaiming my love of baseball’s best team (the Cardinals, in case you weren’t 100% certain). That’s when I met them: the vocal Rangers fans. Fortunately, a trustworthy Cardinals fan came to my rescue!

For the entire series, there has been a fantastic rivalry between my loyal allies and the followers of the student body president. =) We’ve been having a grand time! My parents sent me a new Cardinals t-shirt, which I proudly displayed to every Rangers fan I could find (and many non-Rangers fans too!).  Almost every class I walk into starts the debate afresh.

Tonight has been quite the highlight of this rivalry. =) Sitting in the coffee shop in town was great, but when I came back to campus, I ran (read: SPRINTED) up to the student lounge to watch the game. Soon, I found myself in a room full of guys, laughing and mocking our opposition. How good it was to simply relax with them! To not worry if I sounded stupid or if they’d think I was weird or whatever! I probably sounded stupid, I am weird, but whatever! It was the guys, me, and the game. And that’s what mattered! As much smack as I’ve been talking, as much as I love the Cardinals, I love hanging with the guys more. I love the obnoxious teasing that goes on, yet we still walk away friends.

So… my thoughts on the World Series, which is rapidly coming to a close: Praise God for silly things that make it easier to feel comfortable and fit in! Thanks to every guy (and girl!) who has put up with my passion for the Cardinals, even if you don’t get it. Thanks to those who “converted,” even if only because you feared my wrath. =P Now, take heart. The Series will soon be over, and we will all live in peace again. However, come spring, be prepared for the Cardinals super-fan to revive herself in full fervor. =)

Dios te bendiga. =D


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