Reflections on Sunday Night Worship and Related Revelations, Part 1


“How Great is Our God”
I love this song. Like A LOT. But tonight during worship, something new occurred to me. Something obvious. Something staring me in the face. Right in the title of the song. How GREAT is our God! In my happy sanguine world, that meant: Jesus is awesome! He’s my Friend! And He loves me! YAY!!!! But then it occurred to me. The opening lines of the song indicate another kind of greatness. “The splendor of a King clothed in majesty.” God is the Holy One. He is perfect and wonderful. He is GREAT. He is great in the way that an earthly king is greater than a bug–only more so. Infinitely more so.
Then the song goes on. “He wraps himself in Light, and darkness tries to hide and trembles at His voice.” He is Light. Darkness tries to hide from His voice. Imagine what Darkness would do if Light came near. I am Darkness. My sin has blackened my heart and made it Darkness. When the Lord God drew near to me in the form of a baby (His Son Jesus Christ) at Christmas, I freaked out. Ok, so I wasn’t on Earth that first Christmas. But Darkness tried to hide. And when I came into the world, I had a dark nature. I sinned. I was Darkness. And the Great King came into the world, The Holy, Perfect God drew near to the Darkness that is humanity. And I couldn’t handle it. Why? Because He had and has every right to destroy me (justly!) for my sins. I have violated the laws of the Great King. I have committed treason against Him by turning to other kings. Treason–a crime so awful that it is punishable by death. To commit treason against the Eternal Great King is to be deserving of eternal death.


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