I love people. A lot. Pretty much all of them. If you know me at all, you probably know that I have lots of friends, that I love to talk, and that my friends are super-important to me. I hope you know the last one. It’s so true.

So… I guess I’ll have to admit it. I’m an extrovert. Anyone who knew me as a child would probably be shocked to read that, but it’s true. I love people, and the more time I spend with them (lots of them!), the more energy I have and the better I feel. My roommate’s an introvert. She loves people, but she needs time alone. Sometimes she’ll leave me in the dining hall so that she can get time to herself and I can socialize. It works great!

Anyway, back to what I was saying: people! I love people. I love making them smile, I love laughing with them, I love people. So the other day, as I was sitting at lunch with two of my friends, I was watching people. I was listening to my friends, even contributing to the discussion, but I was watching people come in and out of the dining hall, sitting with friends, getting more food, or doing homework with 15 minutes till class. Suddenly I realized something, which I promptly proclaimed to my friends, half-ignorant of what we were previously discussing. “If I saw just one person, I could come up with the existence of God!” This exclamation came in part from something our Western Civ professor had said (quoting some great mind of the past) about examining only the thumb and coming up with the existence of God.

My friends laughed at my sudden outburst, then began discussing the idea. We realized that it might take a roomful of people for me to come up with the existence of God using the ideas that I was contemplating. Nonetheless, I was overwhelmed by this awesome truth. People, made in God’s image, clearly exhibit His fingerprints so that I could not look across the room without being amazed at the clear evidence of God and His goodness.

I mean, look around! Think about your closest friends! There are brunettes, blonds, redheads. There are introverts and extroverts. There are people who are good at science, those who excel in the arts, and those who love to teach! There are people with loud laughs, quiet laughs, or even silent laughs! There are musicians, painters, and actors. I could go on, but I think you get the point. There are tall people, short people, and in between people! I promise, I’m moving on now… It’s just so amazing! There are people whose humor is sarcastic, simple, or sophisticated. Seriously though…

How can we not see God in this? Could a random assortment of genes really have come up with this much variety? And what about personalities? Those aren’t even genetic! How does that work? God is so good! I love Him. I love people. =)


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