An Anti-Jingoist Thank You


After writing my jingoism post a few days ago (if you haven’t read it, you can here), I was grateful to find that I had in fact survived. What was perhaps more astounding was that people agreed with me! I’m not alone! =) As I reflected on my temporary insanity that prompted me to post such a thing in the midst of finals (for, as we all know, the stress of finals is enough to cause a normally sedate person to snap, so inciting anger at this time is like screaming, “Shoot me!” at a high-strung firing squad on too much caffeine) and on the remarkably respectable response, I decided to express my gratitude.

First, I am overwhelmingly grateful for the professors here at PHC. Without their encouragement, I likely would not have long considered–and certainly not voiced–these ideas. However, my professors are constantly pushing us to discuss tough issues and to probe our assumptions. What’s more, they sincerely want to hear us voice our opinions. They don’t want to hear their opinions parroted back… unless of course we agree. But they want to hear what we think. I have this sneaking suspicion that many professors like to hear students disagree with them, as long as the student is respectful. In fact, I think that’s why they call on me sometimes. Because I often disagree with a decent number of my peers. The professors seem to enjoy letting the conversation get all worked up, then calling on me. I take a deep breath and drop yet another bombshell on the already bombed-out classroom. And everything erupts all over again. It’s fun!
So… for those of you who think PHC is just a place to brainwash and indoctrinate, you could not be more wrong. I have disagreed with professors, been given a forum in which to express my opinions, and learned exactly what I think… I didn’t actually know before. I’m glad I’m at a college where I can find my mind and then express exactly what’s going on in there. =)

My next thank you is to my peers. I really didn’t know how y’all would respond. That’s not to say I think less of y’all. It’s just that I wrote a bunch of stuff that might have sounded harsh and brash. I expected y’all to say, “Chill out! It’s just a history class.” I expected y’all to be right. But you didn’t say that. Instead, I had several people approach me (online and in person) to say that they agreed with me. That’s not to say everyone agreed with me. I’m sure there are plenty of y’all who disagree with me. But not one of you came up to me and ridiculed me. No one on campus started throwing stones at me as I walked into the dining hall. I don’t really think I expected this, but I was nervous as to how my post would be received. So, to my peers, thank you for once again proving your maturity and for responding to my post with grace and love. It means a lot to me to know that this is a safe place for me to speak, that my opinions can be expressed away from the protection of a professor-controlled classroom.

Overall, thank you to whoever read this, regardless of how I know you or if I know you. Thank you for taking the time to read my opinions, to consider things from my point of view. I’m amazed that y’all take the time to read what I write, especially when I say things that might make you want to punch me in the face. =)

Again, as always, Dios te bendiga.


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