A New Adventure


I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts for a while now. But with the semester gone and my summer plans about to begin, I want to share a little about my summer with you. I’ve written and rewritten this post–both in my head and on my computer–and I’ve come no closer to expressing what I want to say. That being said, it’s time for me to write something. So write I must. Forgive me if this post is less coherent than most.

Beginning Saturday, I will be spending my summer in Mexico, serving in an orphanage outside Mexico City. I’ll be living in one of the homes, working alongside the amazing house-parents to these children. I’ll be spending time with some of my favorite people, including a boy I refer to as my Mexican brother. I’ll be doing whatever the house-parents, field director, school teachers, and the organization as a whole need done.

I’ll be joined by a friend (who I’ve yet to meet in person) from Idaho. Together we will navigate the exciting world of Mexico City and its surrounding area. We’ll eat new foods and see new places and meet new people. We’ll practice our Spanish and mess up a lot. God willing, we will connect with some of the beautiful children we’ll be living alongside.

Needless to say, I’m rather excited. I’m also rather nervous. This is a big step. When I applied for this internship, when I was accepted, even while I was raising the funds–I never quite grasped what 3 months in a foreign country means. It means 3 months when the majority of the people I interact with will expect me to speak my second language. 3 months when I won’t spend time face-to-face with all my high school friends back from college. 3 months when I’ll be living with a new family. 3 months of starting over.

2 years ago, I moved halfway across the country to start college. Even then, (against all odds) there was an upperclassman who had attended my high school. There were upperclassmen who had guided me through my campus visit and my week at teen camps. There were familiar faces, and the campus breathed life into me.

This time is different. While there will be some familiar people and while the campus itself is fairly familiar to me, I am embarking on an entirely new adventure. And I’m not certain how to feel. Even if I knew how I felt, I’m fairly certain I could not express it in a meaningful way. Perhaps the only way to know these emotions is to experience them for yourself.


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