An Evening in Mexico


¡Bienvenidos de México!

My adventure has begun. I’ve been in Mexico for nearly a week. I’m settled into my home for the summer. I’ve eaten beans and rice and even cow stomach once. I’ve practiced my Spanish and struggled to express myself. The house parents and the kids have practiced their English and helped me with Spanish. We’ve been busy.

These next few days are light on work, at least while the kids are at school. When they get home, we’ll be busy again–homework, games, conversations. In about a week, the missions teams will begin to come down. One of my fellow interns and I will be working with them or near them during the days. Then we’ll come back home with the kids. And do the whole homework, food, playtime routine again. It’s about to get busy!

Since I’ve been down here, lots of things have happened. I have plenty of things to write, and I have written a great deal in any spare moment. Yet, most of that is private, my reflections in progress. So while I think about what to write here, I am at a loss. Too much has happened to condense here. What can I say in 500 words that will sum up what I want you to read? How can I tell you everything in such a short space?

For now, I’ll share an experience from last night. A handful of students from the university here came to play and eat with us. They introduced themselves, and we did as well. I explained that I was an intern from the US. Then, the students played several games with the kids. As interns, we joined in some, but we also spent time taking pictures. They finished with Sardines and Freeze Tag.

After that, everyone piled back inside to eat. The students brought chicken nuggets and cookies and pancakes and jello. To drink, they brought some Sunny-D equivalent and milk. We ate and ate and ate! It was delicious! Every time I thought we were finishing, they would serve us more food. While we finished up the jello, these students graciously cleaned every dish, refusing our help. They had come to serve, and they would do just that.

Finally, they took pictures of the family (interns included!), told the kids to be good and not stay up late, and said their goodbyes. We had such a good time, and I think they did too!


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