Lessons from Mexico


This week, I thought I’d just make a list of some of the things I’ve learned in Mexico so far. Some are funny; some are more serious.

1.) Lime, cilantro, and onions do wonders to reducing the level of spiciness in much of the food. Add as much as you can!

2.) Tortillas work the same way. Grab one, roll it into a stick, and munch away!

3.) Everything here is SPICY! I was actually forbidden from finishing my meal one day because the family was afraid I would get sick from the spiciness.

4.) Most “trouble” kids just need to know someone believes in them. Sure, it’s not going to reverse all behavioral trends immediately. Sure, they are still going to need love and attention. But it’s best to refuse to see them as trouble and instead to see them as brother.

5.) 5 minutes is both the smallest commitment you can make and one of the most impactful. Take 5 minutes to help a kid with his chore. You don’t even need to ask if you can help. Just look for a need, and step in. It’s amazing how much it matters!

6.) Dancing in the rain is a MUST. Forget yourself and your pride, and run into the rain! Let kids splash you in the puddles. Laugh loudly.

7.) It’s okay to be laughed at. If your Spanish isn’t that great, try anyway! A little effort on your part goes a long way.

8.) Running water is a blessing. Don’t take it for granted. It’s not a huge inconvenience to not shower for one day or two, but if you have running water, don’t miss the amazing nature of that!

9.) Technology is awesome! Did you know that you could contact anyone anywhere in the world just as long as you both have Internet? I mean, I knew that, but it’s CRAZY! I can Skype my family and friends who are living in another country with an entirely different culture miles upon miles upon miles away from me! It’s remarkable. Don’t miss the blessing!

10.) Reading aloud is a HUGE deal to kids. In a house that is almost never quiet (over 20 people are living here this summer, if you count the other intern and me), there were moments in the story when mine was the only voice you could hear. The kids were enraptured by the tale of Narnia. Take some time to find a kid and read aloud. It’s not a huge time commitment, and I can almost guarantee they’ll love it!

We’ll leave it there for now. I’ve really enjoyed this past week with the kids. There have been ups and downs, but life here is good.

¡Dios les bendiga!


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  1. Love this and all your learning. Kids are all the same no matter what culture they need unconditional love and someone to trust. God be with you on this journey!

  2. Sarah, what a great report. It really tells me how you are doing. I’m always so glad to hear from you. Keep up the good work, Sarah It sounds like you are doing a great job there. God bless you! Love forever and always, Grandma & Grandpa

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