Soccer and Sweet Bread


There’s so much I could share with you from this past week, but I think Tuesday gives a good picture of life down here.

We woke up early, ate breakfast with the kids, and crammed into the van to head to school. When we reached the school (on the main campus of the organization), we hopped out of the van and headed to meet the work group. Tuesdays are tamale days for the group’s breakfast, so we snagged some of the leftovers. After that, we toured the school, which is always fun! Then we began the process of the day’s work.

The guy in charge of us right now had to run some errands, so we got the group going. Since they were painting in such a small space, we couldn’t help them much, but we helped get their supplies and checked up on them every so often. We also helped the cook prepare the fruit for the group’s botana (noon meal/snack). Right about lunch time, I went with one of the others and the leader on an errand. We ended up not getting what we wanted that trip, but we found it later.

After botana, the group went back to work. We stayed with them for comida (3 or 4 pm meal; biggest meal of the day), which isn’t typical. However, the leader had taken part of the group to a different location to work. He wasn’t sure he’d be back in time, so we interns hung out to help with that meal. The group was coming to our house that evening, so it wasn’t a problem to get home later.

When we got home, we interns rushed inside, talking to the kids and putting our stuff away. We got cleaned up, sat in the big circle of Mexicans and Americans, and introduced ourselves (though by this point, everyone knows us). We get to introduce ourselves in English so that the American groups can learn a bit more about us. The kids like to hear us introduce ourselves in Spanish though.

After introductions, the group toured the house. Finally, we all headed outside for a Mexican vs. American game of fútbol (soccer). The kids have adopted us interns as temporary Mexicans, even though we can’t contribute much to the team. It’s great to play with the kids and their tio (uncle). Though we don’t always communicate great on the soccer field, we have lots of laughs.

This game was my favorite so far because I actually scored a goal! It was the first goal of the evening for the Mexicans, and they were so proud of me! Usually, I kick the ball, and they groan and tease me. This time, there were high fives and cheers and smiles. It was wonderful to mix right into the family here at Casa Agape!

After another victory for the Mexicans, we all headed inside for cena (7 0r 8 pm meal/snack) consisting of sweet bread and hot chocolate. I got to try several types, trading pieces of pastry with others around me while translating between kids and group members. When it was time to go home, the whole group said their goodbyes and we walked them outside. With that, it was bedtime, and off we went to dreamland.

¡Dios les bendiga!


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