Summertime is (Finally) Here!


We made it! This is the first week of summer here in Mexico! Last Friday we celebrated the end of school with a huge party. Everyone dressed up, and the kids put on skits and sang songs for an audience of their peers, proud house parents, and various other people (including the 3 interns).

Monday, we said goodbye to 7 of our kids who were heading off to camp. As we hugged them goodbye, secret notes tucked away in their bags, I caught a glimpse of what parents feel when they send their kids to camp for the first time.

Then it was just the interns, the cook, and the older kids for the day. Our house parents had a meeting to attend, so we stayed at the house and spent time with the kids. We watched movies, reorganized the furniture in our room, and made a music video which the girls were very proud of. Later, the group came over, and we beat them in soccer (again). My house parents congratulated my fellow intern and me on our playing, as we are continuing to improve. She scored a goal (though it didn’t count because the ball hit her hand just prior), and I assisted on a goal our house dad made!

Tuesday, we walked through town in search of the ruins of pyramids that are nearby. After the boys led us to a far-away site that was closed, our house mom redirected everyone. We had a great time snapping pictures and laughing with the kids as we wandered through the ruins.

Today was spent with the group. We painted, cooked, and enjoyed the company of several wonderful Americans. We also greatly enjoyed the car ride to and from the main campus with our house parents, who teased us and laughed with us like we’re all siblings! Perhaps the highlight of today, though, was learning that our house dad speaks English! He tricked us for 7 and a half weeks! We had a good laugh over that and warned him that we’re not speaking to him in Spanish anymore. Then we tried to speak to him in English, but all the kids were watching. We were laughing to hard to say a word!

Tomorrow we’re going into the city with the work group. I’m really looking forward to it, though it means I’ll be having a rather different day off than I’m accustomed to. All in all, this has been a pretty good start to summer vacation!


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